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14th-Mar-2020 08:02 pm - Semi-Friends Only!
Seto Kouji <3

Hello Dear want-to-be-friended ppl!
If you are looking for my graphics then this is not the place! go to worthless_art 
This journal is Semi-friends only!
Meaning; All personal related posts are friends only, but normal fangirling/download/Upload posts are open to all.
If you want to friend me pleas leave a comment Here and tell me why cause i won't accept random people friending me just to make their F-list bigger! and I don't want random people reading my personal Entries!
If we don't have something in common Don't bother! (thou i doubt it seeing as i have a WIDE range of fandoms XD)

In case you don't want to read a LONG and BORING profile her are some basic information about me:

1.I am weird.
2.I am friendly in general, but if you bite I bite HARDER!
3.I am Obsessed with:
-the GazettE (specially Ruki and Uruha)
-Girugamesh (specially Satoshi)
-The Prince of Tennis Musicals (I love ALL the boys)
-I am Obsessed with Seto Kouji ~
-I LOVE Shirota Yuu (even though i don't show it)
-JE boys (specially NEWS & KAT-TUN)
-Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn (aka KHR)
-Code Gayass... errr Geass (loves Lelouch)
-Kuro Shitsuji <3
- Death Note
-Vampire Knight
4.I am 3 days younger than YamaPi (NEWS)
5.I change fandoms A LOT!
6.I LOVE to play video Games specially the DS and PSP
7.did i mension that I am weird?

Thank you to my Neko-chi (silver881   ) for the Header and FOBanner!!
20th-Jan-2020 01:28 pm - Claim List!
Seto Kouji &lt;3
I am starting to love this claiming thing!
So here is a post for all the ppl/things i claimed xD
Will updated it every time i claim something new <3

Updated  29.02.2008

the GazettE

Show me your *LOVE* ——› Uruha
OMFGWTFBBQ! I'm so going to raep Uruha if I have the chance! ಥ_ಥ
Back off biotch! Uruha's pants belongs to me!♥♥♥
*Uruha* makes my SUN shine bright~
Azn Dreamerz Blog Crew[Ruki]
Azn Dreamerz Blog Crew[Uruha]
••• asian male artist blog crew ♬ 《 麗 / Uruha [the GazettE] 》
I Pole Danced For Ruki on his B-Day // 1Feb 2008
Ahh!! Uruha stole my virginity!!
Ruki makes me go CRAZY; he won't stop kissing me all day! ☆彡
» Ruki « and I FIGHT a LOT!!! But making up is really hot FUN~! ♪
OMG when Ruki laughs ... it makes me giggle like a school girl!
We were playing »Truth or Dare«, and I dared {Uruha} to § FRENCH KISS § {Ruki} , HE DID! and OMG {Ruki} was blushing like MAD!!
he makes me go mokyu-mokyu! ~♪ Ruki he makes my heart dance ~♪
</a></b></a>silver881 isRukito myUruha
[ADMIT IT ☆☆Uruha is a FASHION GOD!]
i had a hot three-way with ››Uruha‹‹ & ››Satoshi‹‹, and I got it on tape, damn i'm lucky
Uruha is my personal maid!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i want to be Ruki's little kitty
and sleep in his lap all day

the symbol of what I call 'perfection'~♬


» Girugämesh »「ASIAN BOYBAND
[JROCK BLOG CREWSatoshi (Girugämesh)]
stfu, I am not obsessed withRyo (Girugamesh) ☆彡
MY THEME SONG » 深いの闇 (Fukai no Yami) Girugämesh


Ї went to Tökyö Kidnapêd Girugämesh Lockëd them in my closët and madë thëm Writë ⊰ ♫ 腐界の闇 (Fukai no Yami) ♪ ⊱ for më
Satoshi makes me going CRAZY; he won't stop kissing me all day! ☆彡
OMG when Satoshi laughs ... it makes me giggle like a school girl!
"Oohh... making hot, passionate sex with "Satoshi" everyday is wearing me out. Another round won't hurt ne?
he makes me go mokyu-mokyu! ~♪ Satoshi he makes my heart dance ~♪
||Satoshi|| can't take his ♥HANDS♥ xxxoff of me!!xxx
Satoshi makes my go DOKI DOKI
i had a hot three-way with ››Uruha‹‹ & ››Satoshi‹‹, and I got it on tape, damn i'm lucky
¬::: Satoshi wants to melt me cruelly with his Honey Fingers:::¬
If I could I would so kidnap [Satoshi] and take him to Antarctica where his fangirls could not get to us!
※「Satoshi」※ Kills me softly with his SONG
I'm M-a-r-r-i-e-d to Satoshi on "200blah"
[ Satoshi ] = daily dose of drug [sthu I won't die :D]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i want to be Satoshi's little kitty
and sleep in his lap all day

alice nine.

【ミ★ "Shou" ░ Asian Male Blogcrew ♥ 】
Nao is my own personal teddy bear. I can't sleep without him in my arms~!


Shirota Yuu makes my go DOKI DOKI
Seto Koji is my shiningstar
[Shirota Yuu] kissed me in the pouring δ R A I N δ δ .
I swear it turned to S T E A M around us!
I'm M-a-r-r-i-e-d to Shirota Yuu on "200blah"
[ Seto Koji ] = daily dose of drug [sthu I won't die :D]
I've got ドキドキ! LOVE メール from [ SETO KOJI ].
I've got ドキドキ! LOVE メール from [ ARAKI HIROFUMI ].
back OFF biatch, [Seto koji] belongs to me in every blogcrew!!

Shirota Yuu wrote a song for me and named it ‘Hayuni
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i want to be Seto kouji's little kitty
and sleep in his lap all day
i don't get cavities from candy...
i get them from looking at -Seto Kouji-

Johnny's Entertainment

I married Akanishi Jin , and we adopted Nishikido Ryo to complete our happy little FAMILY!
[Takizawa Hideki]stripped for me and I for HIM
[Tegoshi Yuya] loves me more than anything else. He said so himself
Why yes, I`m Yamashita Tomohisa`s number one fangirl. *Shot*
I`m Akanishi Jin`s self-proclaimed wife. *Shot again*
When I played TWISTER: THE HOT SPOT with {the JE boys}, {Takizawa Hideki} ended up moving his LEFT HAND to YELLOW his RIGHT LEG to RED, and since he had such difficulties, he FELL on TOP of ME. Then, {Imai Tsubasa} started to take PICTURES OF US and placed them all over the ROOM.
«Masuda Takahisa» is my Lucky c h a r m
((Yamashita Tomohisa)) and I went Easter Egg Hunting AND in one of those plastic eggs there was a RING just for ME!!
» Tegosgi Yuya makes the hot part of me ~feel b.e.t.t.e.r~ «


『S!U!H! Anime.Manga!』 Death Note : Ryuk
Show me your *LOVE* ——› Vampire Knight : Senri Shiki
MY VALENTINE «» Takuma Ichijo


Nanpa-Senpai (Mizushima Hiro) is my hottie! BABY!
I went on a date with "Ryutaro" on Valentine's Day 2008.☆彡
((I made him cosplay as L for me XD))
『S!U!H! J-Music!』 12012 : Aren't you Dead Yet?
Show me your *LOVE* ——› Seto Koji
I Italian pastaPenne alla arrabiata
{SWEETS & JUNKFOOD»::Pocky::«}




All @ psc_claims

the GazettE - 紅蓮(Guren)     


Uruha's look:




 Body Parts//

Ruki's VOICE!
22nd-Apr-2009 05:47 am - I AM BATMAN... or not

Woo~ I LIVE!


Spring break started! xD and I needed to let people know that I am alive!
and share something with all of you xD ... well I am sure only one person will read this .. Neko<3

I AM BATMAN!Collapse )

not sure if the story is true or not o.o;

But i laughed hard when I saw the pic xD
16th-Dec-2008 02:53 am - X'mas?!
the GazettE
La la la
it's been too long since iv updated xD
... SO
im getting and X'mas gift this year from Neko (silver881 ) *flails* KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Im so excited and I really can't wait till it's here!! *uber glomps Neko* Thank You!! <3<3<3
The last gift i got was the best EVER!! i need to upload the pics i took!

well thats all~
until i decide to up the pics.. baibai!

16th-Nov-2008 01:08 pm - Update xD
I decided to update this journal cause im bored >.>;
nothing much to say~ but i have been having too many ideas for LJ layouts but no time to actually make them x_x
thats how it is when u have 6 subjects and each one has 5 quizzes each! ever freakin week i have at least 2-3 quizzes!
but i'll make sure i make those layouts sometime.... dunno when though~

i'll make this post short this time cause i have to study n stuff!

Love u all ♥
9th-Aug-2008 05:36 am - Yami is NOT dead!
Seto Kouji &lt;3
I short update on where i have been and why i seem to  be  DEAD!

It's a LONG story but to make it short:
1. I had a problem with my left eye and the Doctor ordered me to layoff the computer for a while.
2. During my "Time Off" i decided to send my laptop to get fixed and it almost took them a week to fix it!! (BASTARDS!!)
3. My internet provider decided that the MUST do some maitenence .....
4. and finally, less than 1 hour ago i decided to download Nero DVD burner and when i tried to install it it went all Haywire and i almost got a heart attack cause i didn't want to send it to get fixed AGAIN!!!!!!!



1. Most importantly, Neko! I am so sorry for not being online much! *hugs* I miss u the most!
2. shyxxx_happens The Layout i promised you is on its way... If my connection doesn't die again T_T
3. To the people who comment on various entries of mine (even though you won't be seeing this i just want to apologize!)

well... I will... errr ... update again soon?
7th-Jun-2008 06:26 pm(no subject)
Seto Kouji &lt;3

My first final starts Tomorrow!
Then on Tuesday and Wednesday too!
After that: Sat == Mon == Wed and I am done! XD
Hopefully by that time i won't be dead of exhaustion...

If i was to take a pic and post it i wpuld be like this:

But not as adorable....

Anyways I don't know if i will be able to update the next few days... sorry
30th-May-2008 06:18 pm - 愛なんて (Ai Nante) BLOG CREW!
Seto Kouji &lt;3
愛なんて(Ai Nante) Blog crew

Something like loveCollapse )

23rd-May-2008 07:29 pm - Time is flying~~~~~
Seto Kouji &lt;3
SO i have a mid-term tomorrow... as usual~ and i am trying to run away from studying.. and i know i will end up regretting playing instead of studying ..

To pass some time i did some of those mini-quizzes and got some interesting results, you should try this too XD

You and the GazettE - Guaranteed Cracktastic! by certainTRAGEDY
Date of Birth:
Favourite Song:
Your <3:Uruha
He and you have:4 kids
You've been together for:Forever
You met him:Randomly
He likes you 'cause:You're funny.
You both need:Hate
Your Best Friend:Uruha
He and you bond over:Stealing -insertbandmemberhere-'s panties
The others think:You're really stupid.


Tenimyu Love Story! (Pretty Lame) by Jallyre
Your alias
One fine day, your older brotherAdachi Osamu
sent you toschool
where you met your best friendKatou Kazuki
who wassleeping under a tree
He asked you along to watchDeath Note live-action movie
During the show, heoffers you his jacket
After the show, you meet your idolShirota Yuu
whobuys you a drink
But after a long day of hot guys, you realise thatAraki Hirofumi
is your one true love and that you andTakuya
can never be.THE END.

!!!!!!!! ARAKI+KAZUKI+SHIROTA XD AND THE DEATH NOTE MOVIE! now how did you know i liked that movie Kazuki?


Final Fantasy VII (7 Advent Children) Sleepover!! by deathnote53
Your Name
Your Favorite Character
Who's House...Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo's
Who you kissed on spin the bottle...Loz
Who you went in the closet with for 7 minutesCloud
Who you did "it" with ;)Kadaj
How Much You Liked It...
How Much They Liked It...
Who got you drunk...Reno
What you did while you were drunk...Screamed, "RUFUSSSS, ISS SSSEXXXYYY!!!!"
How you woke up...Outside in a tree...
How bad your hangover was...
Your earnings from stripping at the sleepover$0

This was hilarious!!! MIYAVI GACKT Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo's House!? LOL!
with Cloud... in the closet... OMG! NONONO RIM WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! I SWEAR! XP

-Final Fantasy VII- Character Generator by Rinzei
Favorite Character...
Hair Color...Ashen Blonde
Hair Type...Layered
Eye Color...One Blue - One Green
Max HP...9,001
Max MP...3,870
Magic Defense...93
Favored Materia Type...Enemy Skill
Presently Residing In...Midgar

I wonder how i would look like... I should try drawing myself like that ^

That is all for now~
I should post something soon about how much I am loving Seto koji and ONE OK ROCK... so stay tuned =D

22nd-Mar-2008 12:59 am(no subject)
Seto Kouji &lt;3
Ok so
the strike thingi has ended for me (I know they said GMT but whatever)

I got a new friend today!
uruchan_love  ! ☆one of my favorite fanfic writes!
because of her I finally decided on my OTP XD
pleas go check her fanfics on her journal!


I Ordered Seto Koji's Single [Destiny's Play] XD
After I ordered it someone posted a preview of the song that was played in the latest Kamen Rider Kiva episode (Ep08 i think) I was really happy that i ordered it! it's worth it!
and I love to support rising Stars, Much like Kato Kazuki when he released his first single X3
Me and Remossa (offline friend) decided the we MUST buy ALL Kazuki's releases, but we don't really have to have the same thing both of us!
I mean for example:
- Rough Diamond ==> bought by rimossa
- Vampire ==> me
- Soba ni ite ==> me
- First photobook ==> Rimossa
- Idol DVD ==> Rimossa
... etc XD

The two Kazuki singles I got were given to me by Rimossa on my B-day~
I don't know why I am talking about this...


I finished watching the Drama "Security Police" and I think it's FAWESOME!
SERIOUSLY! this is the BEST Japanese Action Drama I have seen till now! and the Actor Ookada junichi is so FUCKIN sexy!
I love everything about that drama!
I was sad when i finished the last episode but then I found out that there is going to be a SPECIAL!!!!! *squeeee*
it's going to air on the 8th of next moth! I really can't wait!!

and since i am talking about dramas I am watching a Drama called "Fuma no Kojiro" and i think it's really funny.. I like it alot!
thou it's killing me that there are not many seeders ;o; I have been downloading episode 3 for 2 days now!


=_= it's 1:30 a.m here .. i think i should really go to bed!
I miss my Neko-chi ... T_T

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